AGA represents the locksmith industry in the Spanish market.

In 1963 three entrepreneurs opened a small lock workshop in Mondragon. Today, with the same enthusiasm we continue to open up to more and more customers, and we are the recognized suppliers of the most prestigious firms in the country, working with many of them for over 40 years.

In recent years we have faced a change that has transformed the company and its relationship with the national and international market. Both for customers and for the people who integrate it, AGA has grown from a locksmith workshop, to become a benchmark for the industrial locksmith sector. The change is clear; an approach where once the product was the protagonist in the development of the company, has been placed with the customer at the centre of our business strategy.

Industry as a broad concept, of dimension, innovation and productive capacity. Locksmith as an activity and specialization where the image of experts takes strength from the expertise generated for more than 60 years. For that reason and from now on, AGA is the Locksmith Industry at the national and international market.

AGA the locksmith industry

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About us

We are manufacturers and that makes us different.

Our goal has always been to maintain the social commitment to the environment and to create opportunities wherever we are. We owe a lot to people who have been part of AGA, they have made this business project possible. And so we want to keep the expectations and excitement that they fostered.

We have a great team of people, committed and prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding and competitive market. In order to maintain our leadership position in the domestic market and increase it in the international market, we constantly review our requirements in terms of human resources, but also in technological aspects and improving our facilities, always from the logistic and productive point of view.

Our idea is clear; we want to keep making our products here, the place from where we ventured into the domestic and international markets.