AGA, specialists in the locksmith industry

Knowing the meaning of physical security today is having the key to doing it in the future as well. Analyzing and understanding it helps us create new and better opening and closing systems. This is the challenge that we set ourselves at AGA to continue offering the most advanced solutions, with the maximum guarantee in the protection of people and material goods. And we can do it because we carry the security gene in our DNA.

AGA the locksmith industry

These are the AGA data


m2 Manufacturing plant


Number of references manufactured per year


millions number of locks manufactured per year



Systems and solutions

AGA’s goal is to make the company a global provider of physical security solutions.

We work to offer our customers a wide range of products aimed at very diverse sectors and very varied applications: office and urban furniture, elevators, safe deposit boxes, parking meters, mailboxes, recreational machines, vending machines, lockers, electrical cabinets, discharge cells. tension, etc…

Many of the closing solutions are manufactured by adapting the product to the client’s final needs, with a high degree of customization and in some cases following maximum security protocols.

General Industry

AGA products designed for the industry in general

High Security Industry

AGA products designed for the High Security industry

Industry Energy Transformation

AGA products designed for the Energy Transformation industry


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