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In AGA we are advancing in resources and digital tools.KPISync is the platform of Business Intelligence from the Igarle Group which we are introducing to improve the productivity and management capacity of our organisation.

Today we can work in real time and be synchronised, from multiple media(web,internet,mobile applications and logistics management…) with data and indicators which help us to improve our understanding of the company,providing reliable information necessary to make informed decisions with greater ease.

From the configuration of control panels, to the setting in motion of an efficient commercial tool for the analysis of data, and comparatives of purchasing and sales, value of stock in the warehouse, order and delivery situations… these and many more in order to respond and improve our customer service.

A tool which is going to be key to elaborate strategies in the short, mid and long term.To study and analyse tendencies and the evolution of the business.

In AGA we want to anticipate the usual issues that arise on a daily basis in companies and avoid them to improve deadlines, optimise costs and results.