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We believe in professional relationships which prioritise naturalness, frankness, sincerity, spontaneity and clarity.

This has been and is our goal for the last nearly 60 years. The path has been laid and we work daily to achieve this.

Now all we need is for our clients to continue on this journey with us. In AGA we know and we have embraced the fact that the relationship with our clients must be one which embodies close, clear and above all direct customer service. To respond at the precise moment, respect the point of view and knowledge of the opponent, solve or provide answers to their doubts, is the best way to understand professional relationships,this is our company’s philosophy and belief.

Any one of the varied situations we face daily, much of which are complex, challenge us and we respond in the professional manner which we are known for. The strategy and company model which has been geared towards our clients for years, materialises into a service which allows us to stand out, leading to in many cases close ties with many of them.

A characteristic of AGA, strengthened and consolidated over more than the 55 years that we have been in the market, is without doubt related to what we are, natural and direct.


Compromise and responsibility

We are talking about the commitment and responsibility adopted when faced with our clients needs.We face the problems head on, we do not avoid them. We don’t like to beat about the bush, we know that time is equally important for all parties involved. We value frankness and confidence to speak our mind.We believe in the team we have, in each and everyone of the workers, in the ability of all of them to react to the challenges and problems quickly and effectively.

Over the numerous interviews and questionnaires of customersatisfaction which we have carried out in recent years, we have been able to evaluate and confirm the opinion held regarding our strengths, and dare we say ,our weaknesses. The features which give us our own distinct character are varied,but those who know us well coincide in without a doubt, is that of our ability to respond and the service provided,what we are best known for “ is we are direct and our clients know that.“