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The production of Schulte-Schlagbaum AG locks has a long and interesting history which began in 1833. The professional association which exists between our two organizations, is not as long standing, as it began a little over 5 years ago, but we can affirm that in that brief time we have been able to consolidate and strengthen a relationship the outcome of which is an agreement for AGA to design and manufacture an exclusive system, comprised of an extractable cylinder and its set of keys, for the cabinet locks SAFE-O-MAT.

A company whose quality is well known,has singled out and chosen AGA for its supply of an essential component in the security of its products.

Avoiding the intrusion of others and ending the doubts generated by the user regarding the improper use of the cabinet, are issues which we have solved through this new extractable cylinder. Its innovative system includes three keys with different uses,it is distinctive because one of the keys is for the user to lock and unlock the cabinet, another is for the extraction of the cylinder, in case improper use of the cabinet is detected and the third is solely for the person who is in charge of security to unlock.