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Our attitude when faced with change has always been the same, to move forward using innovative solutions to answer our clients needs. And always with a firm and steady step towards the attainment of our objectives, more so in the last decade, marked above all by a shift and major transformation towards the 4.0 industry, connectivity and intelligent security.

A transformation, thanks to the application of concepts such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, key elements in the development of a security device like VEHOO. An innovative and advanced system of control and management of access to the home which allows you to acquire through the internet, exclusive services making your property a safer place .

A digital and technological revolution which has emerged to transform our business model, impacting all areas of the business. An evolution known as , AGAINTELLIGENT. A future project which is our organisation’s answer to the increasing demand in the era of digitalisation and remote control of the locking and unlocking systems .

Digital interconnection

Today the technology applied to manufacturing, combined with the digital interconnection, IoT ( internet of things), provides us with the opportunity to reorganise and optimise the production process, but it also permits the incorporation in our business model the advantages of the servitization or,in other words, the transformation of the products we commercialise into high value-added services.

VEHOO is the starting point of a new line of products of AGAINTELLIGENT.It involves transforming the locking and unlocking systems into intelligent systems to enable a connection between the user and their premises, local or remote but, above all, to offer high security solutions for an increasingly more connected digital world.

Our intention has been and is to guarantee a greater peace of mind to our clients.An objective which is possible thanks to the work of professionals who not only have experience in electromechanical technologies, but also important knowledge in internet and communication protocols.