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We chat with Angel Maiña, founder together with his Mikel brother of the family company, MAIÑA ANAIAK, about the peculiarities of a company, which like all others transforms, but retains thanks to its size and characteristics, the calm pace needed for close relationships with its clients. Relationships which make for unforgettable experiences, some of which Angel tells us about as we chat.

Although the anecdotes give away moments which could fill a book, we now emphasise the unique solution for the security and protection of garages. It is a system manufactured by AGA, which guarantees a greater level of security thanks to its robust product and a simultaneous locking system with four anchor points, strategically positioned around the perimeter of the door, guaranteeing great resistance against vandalism.

“Something priceless and which I greatly appreciate about this business is when a client comes to thank you for a job well done. When they tell you that they have tried to force their garage door and thanks to the locking system installed they were unable to do so”.

MAIÑAK ANAIAK has been over 30 years working in the carpentry sector and more than 15 undertaking the installation of locks in all types of doors. The experience and knowledge acquired over the years in the placement of different security solutions, gives these two brothers opinions special significance.

“Time, Angel says, is fundamental when one wants to force a door, be it the door of a house or a garage”. AGA’s lock means the delinquent has to spend more time trying to force entry, taking into account the front of the cylinder is protected with a steel disc with a templated  treatment which prevents it from being drilled. If the system is installed correctly and the four points of simultaneous locking are positioned for it to be anchored correctly, time is stolen from the delinquent and gained by the owner “.

And what about electronics and locks which are opened from mobile phones, what is your professional opinion?

There are locks, locking systems which can be activated remotely for garage doors. Maybe when there is an extra security measure in the vicinity, controlled access, video surveillance, security personnel…, in this case a remote controlled opening system could be an option. When this is not the case, I recommend a mechanical lock, our experience has proven that it is a more reliable option.

Over time we have had to replace electronic locking systems for mechanical ones. They cause less problems. Batteries run out !

Regarding the product, the lock, would you change anything

The lock has changed slightly, small details in the design of some pieces.When something works, and works well, there is no need to change it.

The only detail I would point out is that due to the appearance of smooth doors,which are more and more common nowadays, the pack will have to include the metal compliments needed to hold the closing rods to the surface.

Apart from that ,the system continues to be one a professional can install quickly and easily in one or two hours, as a general rule.

I’m sure there are many anecdotes in the world of security, people and doors, which are your fondest memories ?

It’s true there are many. Installing locks is the positive side of this business, however, when they call you to open a door, be it the police or the owners of a premises, what lies behind it could surprise anyone.

I recall what happened one day during the fiestas of Bergara. It was three in the morning, when I arrived, I met with the firefighters waiting for the lift to take them up to where they had to enter the property from. Once there, I was able to open the door and avoid it being damaged much to the home owner’s delight. The night ended up well, they invited me to the fiesta and we all ended up toasting with champagne!

Ángel Maiña