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Although a great deal of our interlocking solutions are manufactured following the guidelines stipulated by clients’ security protocol (Schneider,Ormazabal,Ingeteam…..) many others require a different but equally rigorous process, where the analysis and diagnostics of the proposal and the final solution, are carried out based on teamwork requiring direct contact between the various area managers in charge each company. This is a critical step to comply with the objectives and needs of the client before beginning the manufacturing process of the interlocking systems which serve to protect the critical installations and their operators.

This part ,largely unknown until now, as it belongs to an internal process, yet essential in order to design the most suitable solution for each client, is what Pedro Etxagibel, in charge of the technical area, is going to tell us about and will help us better understand.

Our greatest contribution, without a doubt, Pedro Etxagibel says, has to do with protecting the people, avoiding risks and erroneous manoeuvers in critical installations such as transformation centres, electrical substations, etc… In order to do so, we must listen, understand and interpret correctly the security protocol of the client . This allows us to design an interlocking solution which on the one hand, facilitates access for the operators to their workspace and on the other hand, protects by means of calculated manoeuvers the safety of the people who access such installations.

Ad hoc designs

AGA is a company which has a large range of standard interlocking products. The catalogue, which can be viewed on the web by professionals, shows clearly the characteristics and possibilities each one of the references offers for individual use or replacement. However, the great advantage of our catalogue of interlocking products lies in the option to develop more complex solutions for critical installations, combining different references of the standard product.

This refers to a way of understanding personal security, which contributes to the design of a customised solution and a general vision of the project. We move from the physical security applied to one element or system; to the security and protection of people and installations “ multi-related” in a large area or workspace.

The process is not easy- Pedro Etxagibel notes, as its purpose is to offer, by means of the participation of different teams and department heads (client and supplier), security solutions which have to be adapted in each case and customised to each one’s specific needs, adhering to the client’s stringent security protocol.

Throughout the process and development of the interlockingsolution, the relationship and understanding with the client is vital. The language between each part is on equal footing, and it’s at this point, when we start to resolve the main doubts. It’s only when we can confirm that the technician and managers on both sides are on the same page ,does the project advance. In this phase, the importance consists in knowing how to interpret the clients real needs. We know that dealing with and working on these small details help us to resolve bigger issues.

Quality and service

This is a sector which measures the level of security and protection of people in the strictest form. In AGA we are prepared to respond with the greatest guarantee to this condition thanks to our interlocking solutions,as we design and manufacture mechanical locking systems, following the rigorous technical conditions and security that our quality and service regulation requires.