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There is always a story behind every company, and BAUSSA’s deserves to be told.Without going into much detail on the subject, we can tell you, that the today’s reference at national level in High Security, is the result of the dedication of professionals who decided to embark on this journey and risk all after the industrial and social recession of 1983-1984.

A company, which almost 40 years later, maintains its course set on a fixed route; quality, service and the adaptation of its products to clients’ needs, implementing all the company’s technological and human potential.

In times of collaboration and transparency
How would you define the current relationship with AGA ?

We have worked together for so long that I don’t know exactly when our collaboration began. Maybe the best way to define the relationship is long-lasting, friendly and direct.
I recall that at the start of the 90s we worked together on a portfolio of basic, simple locks, but over time we began to develop more complex solutions. It was then that a closer, tighter working relationship opened up, working as a team, which in turn led to the manufacturing of specific products made to measure for BAUSSA. A relationship which has grown in strength over time thanks to the understanding between the technical departments and the balance required between quality, service and cost.

What do you highlight in AGA’s product or service ?

Their ability to respond to our needs, the implication to solve the challenges presented to them. Above all we value their positive attitude , their response to issues generated by any new project.

For BAUSSA, AGA is part of the extensive network of strategic suppliers we count on to successfully steer clear of obstacles, but also to address together new opportunities in the marketplace.

In today’s world, proximity and capacity of production have a special significance.
Do you value the fact that AGA is a national manufacturer ?

For a company like ours, it’s fundamental. In such a demanding sector as is High Security, with clients from the financial sector, distribution and department stores , to mention a few; guaranteed delivery dates and product stocks, in this case in AGA’s installations, with the resulting benefit for our chain of supply, are key when it comes to evaluating our professional relationship.They are advantages that only a manufacturing company can offer.

To mention “ 0 Km “, regarding the business relationship between both organisations, is in itself a good enough reason to be convinced to continue to have every confidence in the future relationship.

And talking about the future.
How do you see the evolution of the High Security sector ?

The professional capacity and the training of those who work in this sector has improved immensely in recent years. The dialogue at both commercial and technical level, with the people we interact with, for example, Directors of Security, requires expertise knowledge. This requires us to be well prepared technically, improving the products and the solutions in the high security sector. To make a comparison with the world of computers, before we

focused all our efforts on hardware, in the development of mechanical solutions, however, now and increasingly more important, is the software, the electronic solutions, take up a great portion of our objectives