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Breakdown barriers, make things easy, support and guide whoever consults us or has a doubt. That is the job of the people who are in touch with the clients and suppliers on a daily basis. People with a human side which we want to prioritise above all other qualities.

That’s our objective. Understand and make those who have a relationship with AGA, believe that the challenge to build a company with a distinct human profile, is clear and decided. Among the personnel who work at AGA there in an unwritten rule, which has been around over the long and intense presence of our brand in the market;those who contact our organisation, who reach out on the other side of the phone, or email, the necessary attention to resolve any consultation, get firstly a professional response, in line with what is expected from a specialist in locking and unlocking systems and solutions, but also a friendly, welcoming voice ready to talk without the constraints of time.

We know that behind every person, client or non client, who contacts a member of AGA, there is in general a need to solve a problem, confirm information, or simply to hold a conversation, on occasions informal, others even personal.

Confidence and excellence in the service provided

The voice and presence of those who require our attention know that AGA is shaped by kind people, honest and sincere, and that is the reason that after more than 60 years, confidence continues to be one of the qualities that best characterises us.

Excellence in service is our aim, an objective constantly present in our strategy. We work so it is always so. We understand that the moments when someone corrects or obliges us to rectify are a part of our own reality, as a company. We take responsibility for the error and mistake because we are human, people like those whom we interact with, but with an active attitude and open to change.

An attitude which defines us as a brand. Loyal in moments of uncertainty, a companion when work requires the support and collaboration, sympathetic and friendly in person, and sincere in responses, above all when what we are looking for, one and all, is the opportunity to continue working together.