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The key to success:together we are stronger

This is the philosophy of a brand like HEXACOFFRE which has been in the security business since 1927. A French company,which specialises in the installation, maintenance and repair of safes, based in Marseille.

HEXACOFFRE can boast knowledge and experience.Its years of work in the sector make this brand name a reference, not only at home in France, but also in all French-speaking countries.

The idea that defines its business model is clear, work with collaborators who you trust on a European level, like AGA and METALSAFE, a Czech manufacturer of security safes, companies which strive for quality and excellence in service so they can offer the final user, be it from the administration sector, the professional sector or the private one, a fully guaranteed product, of the highest standard required.

The collaboration of the three companies,consolidated over the years , has allowed our relationship to improve both on a commercial level and on the level of the product: permitting the service and expanding and adapting the range of high security solutions to the needs of a market, which is increasingly more competitive.

On our recent visit to the stand of our client METALSAFE, at the Security ESSEn fair, we took advantage to negotiate and enjoy the company of our collaborators. HEXACOFFRE released a statement confirming its association with AGA for the supply of maximum security locks and with METALSAFE for safes. A serious project, of professional collaboration, from a European approach, based on a commitment to work together.

AGA, strives to strengthen this relationship. We genuinely intend to continue to advance on this path laid some years ago.

Together we are stronger! Together we will go further !