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Over 40 years distinguish the trajectory of this family business, situated in Barcelona, which with great effort, keep alive a trade whose objective is to help us protect our property.As an anecdote, SUARI was the company in charge of the maintenance of the olympic village locks, during the Olympic Games in ‘92.

How would you define the present relationship between SUARI and AGA?

I value very positively the contact and the personal relationship, both with the commercial side, represented by José Ramón, and with AGA´s technical team , who are always willing to solve any doubts or challenges thrown at them from our client’s perspective.It is a company which takes risks and is unwavering in its desire to be technologically combative,which I like , as I am as well.

What characteristics of the product or service which AGA offers would you highlight ? 

After visiting their installations, which I was pleasantly surprised by, I could see the real capacity of production and the expansion of the company. Now I understand the ample offer of solutions for the different sectors and markets which they work for.

Is it an added bonus that AGA manufactures as well ?

Of course. In our sector, to reach our clients with efficient and competitive solutions, we need collaborators who can keep us educated and informed. AGA as a manufacturer and knowledgeable about the market, participates in a dialogue which we appreciate and that nowadays is difficult to come across. The case of INCECA is a clear example of rapid response and reaction to find a solution to a difficult problem which AGA did successfully.

How do you see the evolution of the sector ?

A backdrop of more information, both institutional and private regarding security has changed the users opinion about the devices or mechanisms which we install in our homes or businesses. Also the rise in delinquent acts has aroused some sensitivity regarding this topic. We are facing a consumer who is more concerned, more interested in the physical security and this in turn becomes a business opportunity for our sector.