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Ours is a story of transformation and evolution. From that basement in the north of Madrid to the new facility in Algete, over 55 years have gone by and that is something that both AGA and PINAZo have in common.A long history and a combination of effort and know how has brought us to where we are today, leaders in national and international fields.

Thanks to the relationship and contact with the large companies from the electric sector we have been able to undertake a transformation, which over time has led us to today’s model, a global company, manufacturing products and providing our own solutions both in polyester and metallic.

In times of collaboration and transparency How would you define the current relationship with AGA?

It’s 27 years since our first meeting, an important quantity of experiences shared which were by virtue of a third party, POLSA, a company nowadays owned by ORMAZABAL.

In short, I could say that our relationship is marked by stability and harmony with all their positive connotations .A relationship which is strengthened year after year, thanks to the accessibility and service that AGA offers us.

Not having to intervene personally to solve the typical issues which arise from day to day is a clear sign of the harmony and good work of both companies.

What do you highlight in AGA’s product or service?

Aboveall, the capacity to respond to our needs as a client, always demanding and looking for a plus in the relationship. But also, the steadfast attitude to resolve the market’s own challenges, which benefit all involved.

In today’s world, proximity and capacity of production have a special significance. Do you value the fact that AGA is a national manufacturer?

The tranquility with which we approach the projects, knowing that there is a company with AGA’s capacity of production and service and what’s more, speaks your language, is sufficient to value the relationship positively.

The ability to understand each other, to work together, is easier if you do so with companies that share more than just your business objectives.

The future is important to us. How do you see the evolution of the energetic sector?

The trend towards digitalization is clear. There will be a new approach with certain clients towards providing updated services which offer benefits above and beyond the advantages of the actual product and its applications.

In this atmosphere of business confidence and with the near future in mind, we are presented with the opportunity to collaborate more closely to face together, challenges, which from each company’s experience, are going to be easier to solve, for sure.