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Nearly 30 years on, Molok has become an international company whose products are recognised worldwide.

Its appearance on the Spanish market, comes with the backing of AGA, which after initial contact, including a visit to our premises, has resulted in an agreement to supply locks for containers, which positions us as a strategic partner for its launch onto the national market. A product,verified by the company’s technicians, as robust and competitive, which can be perfectly  integrated into their assembly process.

The first installment in Spain, can be seen in towns in the Community of Madrid such as, Pozuelo de Alarcón and Mejorada del Campo. In the latter, the ambassador for Finland in Spain, Tiina Jortikka-Laitinen, was able to see first hand  the pioneering experience which took place in the municipality, with MOLOK’s semi-underground containers and AGA’s locks.

One of the major concerns of the services assigned to waste management has been and is the easy opening and access to the interior of the waste containers.AGA’s locks are the perfect solution to this problem. As of now, with only the key distributed to each neighbour in the municipality, the waste can be deposited in the containers. The system which was installed includes an additional security measure, the key can only be extracted from the lock if it has been locked beforehand.

AGA, loyal to its strategy, continues to explore new opportunities in the market and alliances which strengthen their leadership position at both national and international level.