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In a mature market, where it appears all has been done in the area of High Security, AGA makes a move and presents its new venture in the sector with the presentation of a new catalogue of systems and solutions for the industry.

he responsibility and commitment acquired from our clients, over the more than 55 years during which we have been working on the design and manufacturing of products for physical security, oblige us to keep updating and improving our offer, whose purpose is to provide a rapid and agile answer, to the needs of the market.

Backing this project, there is a team of experienced professionals whose common goal is to continue working to improve the range of locks which stand out for their quality, reliability and whose guarantee is endorsed, in the line of most relevant products, by rigorous European quality standards, such as the UNE-EN 1300

All these advantages, assure without a doubt, that the new catalogue, both the printed version and the online version, are for the distributors and professionals from the sector a reference at national and international level.

Remember that from AGA’s webpage you can access all the catalogue’s technical information, quickly and safely.

And if the product stands out for its quality and capacity to adapt to each client’s specific needs, the service AGA provides, is characterized by its flexibility

  • No minimum order requirement, which allows you to optimise your purchase
  • Guarantee on the replacement of any article, along with its components for 10 years after its removal from the market
  • Possibility to personalize products