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There are few companies in our sector which can speak with such authority and knowledge as ARCAS SOLER. Its presence and reputation can be traced back to 1916, when Antonio Soler Capdevila founded what is nowadays a brand of reference in Cataloña, and in particular in Barcelona.

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Carolina Martinez, executive assistant so she can share her opinion and vision regarding the sector and the relationship with AGA.

We are interested in learning more about the company. What in your opinion are the characteristics which best define your business model ?

The company has over 100 years experience and that in itself defines us and differentiates us from others. As an anecdote some of our locks which were fitted a hundred years ago are still working and safes which were installed in the 20s are still in good condition – If it’s not broken don’t replace it !

SOLER SEGURIDAD is an expert in the manufacturing and distribution of safes, security cabinets, armoured doors and other security items, if anything defines us, it is that all our products have a common purpose: to offer our clients the maximum reliability and guarantee.

Certificates and ISO standarization

¿Qué What aspects would you highlight in your professional relationship with AGA?

Our business relationship began around 2012, and began partly as we needed to incorporate products with certificates and ISO standarization required by some of our most important clients. That is when our relationship with AGA began, whose ability to adapt to our needs is a characteristic which I’d highlight and the excellent service , supplying components with the quality and guarantee needed, simply put “we’ve always got on well”

In a tendering held recently for the installation of security cabinets by the Barcelona Urban Police, locks made ad hoc by AGA for SOLER SEGURIDAD were installed

How do you rate the proximity and production capacity of AGA, the fact that it is a national manufacturer ?

Peace of mind and direct contact, would be the words that spring to mind to best define what it means to SOLER SEGURIDAD to have a supplier of its characteristics so closeby.

Our emphasis on quality above price, is key to working with manufacturers at national level like AGA. We want to offer our clients long- lasting exclusive solutions, in order to uphold the prestige and credibility of our brand.

Mechanical solutions

What is your opinion on the integration of electronic and digital components in the physical security systems?

In my opinion, nowadays physical security is dependent on mechanical mechanisms. That is a fact that our clients acknowledge and demand. We see that they are more reliable, generate less issues and guarantee the use and long life of the product in the long term.

Electronic technology has been around in the marketplace for some time, however it needs to improve substantially in order to provide the levels of security that are found at present in mechanical systems. If we also incorporate digital components or systems in the functioning there is a certain reluctance for acceptance in the market.

It’s clear that the evolution of the sector is going in one direction, to combine different technologies, but we must be patient. I’m of the mindset that in order to protect something physical, tangible; it is still necessary to use something physical, also tangible, and at the moment that is only found, with the greatest guarantee in mechanical solutions