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PROINSENER Energy is a young company, founded in 2012, which works with a base of knowledge established in the principles and functioning of the marketplace. And it does so, as its four founding members are people with an entrepreneurial character and extensive experience in the industry. In short, professionals with a clear vocation;to create employment and wealth in their immediate area So, what today is a solid and ambitious project, a company and team that define themselves as manufacturers and integrators of energetic modular hand key solutions , was born. Solutions that materialise in metallic containers, prefabricated concrete buildings , metallic skids and electric panels, to name but a few, which can be found in solar plants, wind farms, pump stations, mining etc…

Today, PROINSENER Energy can claim to have worked on different projects throughout the world: installations that now function in over 20 countries, such as Chile, India, Australia, Germany, Nigeria, Egypt, Romania, Jordan, Philippines, etc. A point of interest, PROINSENER Energy is the integrator of the largest photovoltaic plant in South America with 246MW power.

What is your greatest asset,the characteristic which best defines PROINSENER’s business model ?

I’d say above all, it’s the attitude and the professional capacity of the entire team to adapt our products and solutions to the needs, always specific and unique of our clients. We never give up when faced with difficulties, faced with challenges, sometimes impossible,and this is one of the characteristics which best defines us. We are fighters, we know that each project, however big or small, requires our full attention. Finalising the processes doesn’t mean the job is done. Our attention is constant, nearly an obsession, we review what’s done, we compare it and finally, we fulfil our commitments to the client.

Transparency in relationships is another of the qualities I’d highlight. All the projects involve a challenge and speaking out is part of our identity. We are admired for our commitment to address without fear the most complex projects and accompany our clients in the process, but we also know how to say no, when something is not viable.

The resolute attitude of AGA company


What elements would you highlight in the professional relationship with AGA?

The discovery of AGA, which I was lucky enough to come across, was by chance. Contact with the product, some locks installed in metallic cabinets drew my attention and after having a closer look, I was fixated on finding out more about the brand. From there on, we got in touch and the positive feedback was confirmed when AGA began supplying us with materials.

The resolute attitude of the company, the treatment and proximity of the interlocutors, was proof of their commitment to maintain and strengthen a working relationship which benefits both parties involved. The face to face contact and kindness of the area representative, Juan Manuel Rodríguez Zapirain,makes the relationship easier. His complete willingness, when called for, to handle our demands and emergencies in the supply of material, along with the response from AGA in service, is valued. Work with the technical office, with the people who we deal with, is another area which stands out. The collaboration and attention to detail which we receive, is without a doubt a competitive advantage which we at PROINSENER value highly. We begin from the starting point that both companies are participants, and security is a key factor. In many of the installations carried out high voltage equipment is involved, an issue which we feel deserves our utmost attention.In this case, AGA has provided us with interlocking solutions for this problem.They are a series of mechanical combination locks,which thanks to a strict protocol of functioning, protect the workers from possible accidents.

To understand AGA’s commitment to its clients, let me mention what happened in an order in which an error occurred in the codification of a key; it would have meant failure in the whole locking system. We hardly had time to detect the source of the problem,meanwhile AGA had already begun to manufacture new locks with the correct codes. The following day we had the new material in our installations.

Tecnology and heart


From your experience how do you see the future of the energetic sector and its evolution ?

In the years that I have been working I have witnessed constant changes and the evolution of this sector.The companies which work either directly or indirectly in this field know we have to be prepared to face challenges which at times are of great magnitude. The recent crisis caused by CORONAVIRUS, is an example of what the market requires us to overcome successfully. That crisis affected us like most people, but it did not sink us. We have emerged stronger, knowing that the vaccine to vaccinate in PROINSENER is its own DNA, and the prescription to stay alive, is more collaboration, more ambition and more teamwork.

In hindsight and looking towards what the future holds, I can guess that the chain of supply will continue to be a deciding factor in our objectives and in the sector in general.The move towards local, national and European suppliers help to partially solve this problem, but the actual situation still causes some uncertainty .The relationship with AGA is part of this new model which we aspire to, a pool of manufacturing companies whose end objective is to transform and advance in the manufacturing, storage and logistics to remodel them into the most efficient stages possible, capable of guaranteeing the supply, quality and excellent customer service. I don’t know what the future for the sector holds, nor if the evolution will mean changing the business model, what I do know is that the key to our success,is not in technology, which is an integral part of the development of the company,but in the heart each one of us puts into each project we take on.This combination of technology and heart make the work become something which is nearly artisan. I am convinced that clients like GAMESA, ARTECHE, JEMAEnergy .., see in our relationship,in addition to our level of response and the qualities of our products, the other more human side.